About Us

Successful learning is a result of successful teaching and all at St Andrew’s take this responsibility very seriously.  St Andrew’s is special because it combines high academic standards, challenging expectations, and a rich, exciting and stimulating extended curriculum.

Music, art and sport are strengths that have been recognised by national accreditations.  The more opportunities we give our children, the more opportunities they have to succeed.  This, we believe, is a truly inclusive curriculum.  However, above all, we know that happy, secure children are good learners.

We are proud of the relationship we have with our parents, as together we work to provide the best for our children.  This is achieved by regular, open communication and by creative, enthusiastic fund-raising.  Our PTFA has provided thousands of pounds’ worth of high quality equipment, as well as organising and supporting special events.  Teachers, parents and friends of our school also donate time and expertise to provide exciting extra-curricular activities.  There is always a project for parents, staff and children to work together, plan and look forward to.

Our School Values & Ethos

At St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, we want the children to be proud of their achievements, school and the community.  We aspire for them to become lively, confident adults, who can empathise, care for other people, our environment, and set themselves realistic challenges.

We are proud of our Christian heritage and are determined that the children grow up nurtured by love in accordance with the teaching of the church.  We are committed to preparing our children to be respectful and responsible British Citizens so that they can enjoy a happy and successful life.

At St Andrew’s School we believe that the children need to develop their strong interest in an understanding of language and mathematics, how things work and why things happen.  They develop their knowledge of the past and the present across the diverse cultures of the wider world.  They explore and appreciate the arts, they know how to keep fit, they know what makes a good citizen and how to put this knowledge into practice.


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