SEND: Special Educational Needs and Disability

All children are special, all children have needs and many children experience a difficulty with their learning or in the way they behave at some time during their school life.

Some learning difficulties are obvious from an early age – some may not be noticed until the child is at school.

A child has special educational needs (SEN) if he or she has a greater difficulty in learning than most other children of about the same age.  This may be for a short period of time.

A child with SEN is provided with education by the Local Authority (LA).  The setting depends on their individual needs but the majority receive their education in mainstream schools.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our SENCO Mrs Cathleen Randall.

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Local Offer

St Andrew’s Primary School combines high academic standards, challenging expectations and a rich, exciting and stimulating extended curriculum.  Music, art and sport are strengths that have been recognised.  Above all, we know that happy, secure children are good learners.

Contact details:

Tel: 01747 811500


West Street
Fontmell Magna

Locality: North Dorset

Opening Times:

Monday: 08.45-12.00 and 13.00-15.00
Tuesday: 08.45-12.00 and 13.00-15.00
Wednesday: 08.45-12.00 and 13.00-15.00
Thursday: 08.45-12.00 and 13.00-15.00
Friday: 08.45-12.00 and 13.00-15.00

Additional Information:

Headteacher: Mr Steve Hall

Senior Heathcare Worker:  Erika Crossley (to be contacted through the school)

Ofsted Inspection Result

Date of last inspection: 26th January 2017

Inspection result: Inadequate


Wheelchair accessible

On-site parking and disability bay

Accessible toilets

Other Facilities:

Hoist and changing bed, quiet areas, black-out tent, outdoor space, playground, field, secure environment

Special Education Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

Support for children and young people with SEN and disabilities:

At St Andrew’s we have a broad and rich curriculum that gives children opportunities for exciting learning across the whole primary curriculum.  We are also committed to an extensive range of free extra-curricular activities that allow those children who find an aspect of their school life difficult a chance to excel in other areas.  All children benefit from highly skilled and caring teachers, who differentiate the curriculum to support and challenge children of all ages and abilities.

All classes have an experienced teaching assistant working alongside the class teacher.

Our clear assessments are fed into our detailed tracking system.  This data helps us to plan and deliver targeted learning for our children.  We review the provision regularly to intervene quickly and effectively when needed.

The school benefits from a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), who works for three days a week.  During this time, she works with individuals and small groups of children, as well as liaising with parents/carers, teachers, teaching assistants and outside agencies, providing guidance for those children who require more specialised provision.